30-Second Explainer Videos – Contemporary Tool of Video Marketing

The world with digital mediums is becoming time-constrained, short, and shorter is the new buzz. The same is the case with video marketing. Well, videos in the current times get the attention of 66% of viewers. This is the reason that video marketing is growing gradually in contemporary times. But one kind of video that I personally believe in making an impact and is bringing conversions in is 30 Second Explainer Video.

There is a time when 30-second explainer videos can work well, but there are several things you need to consider when making your decision between 60-second explainer videos and 90-second explainer videos, and this blog will help you out to analyze where it can work for you.

Why 30 Seconds Explainer Videos?

Sometimes we get asked by our clients if we can make them a 30-second explainer video. And we always make sure to ask them “why” they want a short video.

Here are a handful of the answers we get back:

  • We want to save money
  • Shorter is always better
  • The newest social media trends report that people only watch the first 30 seconds of a video on Facebook
  • Viewer attention spans are too short
  • We don’t want to confuse people with too much information

Where You Can Use e 30 Second Explainer Videos

Regardless of where you are using the video, you should have a very clear message. Trying to sell everything and every detail on all platforms might not work, and this is the reason that you should make contemplations on delivering every detail one by one according to your target market and the viewers on each platform.

Social Media

Creating a video for social media could be different than other platforms, and thus, you should think accordingly. 30-second explainer videos are perfect when it comes to social media because people who usually visit social media don’t have much time and thus they just scroll through things and pause for a little while, in this little while if you can grab their attention it will take them towards your products and thus you should work on 30-second explainer videos if you want to work on social media marketing.


Trade shows or expos have a lot of business opportunities for you, but only if you can deliver whatever you have in just seconds, and that is where the 30-second explainer videos can make a difference. Your details to be presented with the attractive measures is the idea here.

Sales Meeting

A sales meeting requires precision with details, and this is the basic idea behind a 30-second animated explainer video it keeps you off the time-wasting elements and bringing the best attention to details with keeping it as short as possible.

Why a 30 Second Explainer Video is Different

  • It is Quick

Ain’t nobody got time for being stuck with something, and this is one of the reasons that people are switching from blogs to videos, but making videos to be quick enough is the point in the contemporary and the best idea to make your viewers stay with you – the time when increases, the users will vanish.

  • You Can Make It As Attractive as You Want

The shorter it is, the better you can keep it off being monotonous, and this the point that all the visualizers think about. A 30-second explainer video can make you have five ideas presented with aesthetic visuals, and even when you have got limited content, you can make it work perfectly.

  • You Can Use it Anywhere

From social media to advertising, sales meeting, or even an expo, you can use it completely anywhere. Imagine if making an ad that is 2 minutes long, possibly by the time you reach the climax of the ad, there will be no viewers, and this is why keeping it short is the best idea.

Things to Care While Making a 30 Second Explainer Video

So while putting your message together, you need to be sure of a few things:

  • Your target audience is primed and ready to hear from you
  • Message is clear enough so that even a 12-year-old kid can understand it
  • Message is persuasive enough to get them to take action
  • Your benefits give viewers enough reason to do what you’d like them to do
  • You’ve generated significant interest for someone to take the leap into a new solution with you
That last point is important when creating a 30-second video. Remember the famous quote by Henry Ford:
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Meaning your customer may not even know that your solution is a solution until you show them. And that may require an additional 30 seconds or even 60 seconds to get that across. You have to teach your audience, and then convince them why they need your product or service.


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