60-Second Explainer Videos or 90-Second Explainer Videos? How to Decide the Length of Your Explainer Video

Long vs. Short has been into the debate for a long time, and since videos have come out in the world of marketing this debate. From videos being targeting multiple things at once and taking several minutes to justify it, people were losing the real intent of this video, and that was when people started to think about 30-second explainer videos, 60-second explainer videos, and 90-second explainer videos. Is longer better when it comes to explainer videos? It’s a question we’re commonly asked, but before we get to the answer, we have some questions for you. We know we shouldn’t answer a question with a question, but the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” Continue reading to learn about the factors that will help determine the optimal length for your next explainer video.

Determine Your End Goal

The goal of your video is the first thing to start thinking about. Determining your goal can make you select the best length of the video. Such as if it is an ad, you can go for 60 or 90, but if you in an expo, the shorter one is the best choice to go for. Your goals might differ according to your audience, your target, the things you want to have in the video, and such other factors.

Statistically Speaking

Statistics are important in considering the length of the video, you might not have thought it this way, but the number can really tell what people like and what they want to see. Such as 60-second explainer videos have a better time span, and viewers usually watch the entire video, but 56% of people go away when the videos are longer than 2 minutes. This is means that staying between 60-100 seconds for a video is the perfect length.

An additional study posted on Medium.com shows that a multimedia company discovered that when the (explainer) video reaches 2 minutes in duration, the average views drop from 77% to 57%.

And finally, drop off rates are 5% on average at 60 seconds but increase to 60% at 2 minutes, further illustrating that the sweet spot for viewer retention is between 60-90 seconds.

However, to work better on it, you should research directly in the context of your target market, and you might have better and accurate results for your decision.

The Words Your Script Has

How much you have to fit in a video can be essentially important to the length of your video. The standards of the industry state that 140-150 words could be fit in a 60-second video; however, in a 90 seconds video can have up to 210-220 words. But now you would be thinking about how a 1000 word blog can be replaced by a 90 seconds video, but this is where the things might become revolutionary. Cutting out the unnecessary details and only using the best of it is what makes your video to become completely accurate and appropriate for the viewers.

An artist can sum up 10,000 words in a 90 second if he thinks creatively enough.

60-Second Explainer Video 90-Second Explainer Video
Better for Attraction Better for Detailing
Covers a bit fewer points or subjects than a 90-second explainer video More subjects or points to cover
Perfect for Social Media, Ads, and Expos Perfect for Social Media, Ads, and Sales Meetings

Our Final Answer

If you have read through the entire blog, you might have a clear idea of the fact that choosing between a 60-second explainer video and 90-second explainer video is not merely about just your like and dislike, but it is about catering all the factors that are related to the aims and goals of your video.

It’s important to note that although we didn’t mention videos greater than 90 seconds in this entry, that’s not to say they’re ineffective. We’ll elaborate on the best time, place, and space for long-form videos in a future post. In the meantime, you can view some of our long-form videos in our portfolio, and we’d be happy to discuss examples and their effectiveness. Feel free to contact us for more information or to learn which length of an explainer video is best for your business needs.


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