A Simple Guide: How to Make Animated Videos for YouTube

The world has seen a number of internet platforms that are used for different purposes, and one of them is YouTube. It is one of the platforms where people create content through videos. This content is being used for the purpose of sharing information as well as the marketing of an organization or brand. People have started to contemplate on this channel in order to make the progressions on how marketing could be done effectively. We have seen that people make interesting YouTube channel and have got successful with that but does not comes easy. It is not only about making videos; it has a number of things that make the YouTube channel to be successful. In this blog, we are covering an important aspect of how to make an animated video for YouTube.

Well, the perfect idea of the same is to integrate animations in whatever videos you make, but we have a better suggestion than being just perfect. To be awesome in your animated YouTube videos, you can use tools that are designed for these purposes.

Procedure for Animated Videos for YouTube for Free

It requires a lot of effort, dedication, money, and time to hire someone and rely on that person for the creation of video content for your YouTube channel. It is merely a misconception to think that only a skilled or professional animator can make high-quality animations, as that is no longer the case.

With the emergence of free and paid online animation platforms and tools, the once complicated process of video production can be done in a matter of minutes. Before you begin to look for the best animation makers online, we have compiled some credible platforms for you.


Turing static visual content into an animated video is not a problem anymore when you are working with Vyond. This animation tool needs no introduction, as it is already one of the most used tools in the field of animation. It makes all your efforts to be simplified by selecting images, icons, or characters and making them moving according to your choices in the video canvas. Vyond is not only considered as an animation tool but also as a video marketing tool.

Core Features

  • Branding features
  • Automatic character lip sync
  • Unlimited video production
  • Customization and personalization options
  • Unlimited download and export


Powtoon is much similar to Moovly, and it is also used as an online animation and presentation tool. The part that people choose it for is that it makes people using it able to select from different options giving them a chance for video creation alternatives to make their risk factors to be lowered.

There are a free plan and a paid package offered by Powtoon that offer different features, and you can use it according to your preferences.

Core Features

  • Option to insert audio files
  • Presentation and animation mode
  • Access to royalty-free music and objects
  • Export to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia
  • Powtoon extension for Photoshop CC


If you want to create an animated video for YouTube, Animaker can be your top go-to choice because it brings you animation with simple steps. The ease offered by the tool makes it easy for people who know nothing about the animation.

The process makes you able to select your choices, and the animation could be done automatically on your made choices, as simple as you like.

Core Features

  • Unlimited videos
  • Import images and audio
  • Add visual effects
  • Directly upload to YouTube
  • A wide range of animation templates


Moovly is an online animation maker that is based on a cloud network to make it compatible for individuals, small businesses, and even large enterprises. Moovly is a well-recognized animation tool that could be used for the YouTube Animated Videos. It is one of the simplest tools to create animated, explained videos to bring to your content creation on YouTube. With a rich library of audio and video, it gives you a chance to implicate your creative ideas without any hassles.

Core Features

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Extensive digital media library
  • Hand-drawn animations
  • Numerous video templates
  • Download and video sharing option for social media


Well, one of the prime choices that people make in animation tools is Renderforest. Possibly you might have heard about it already, but let me explain it to you with some more details. Renderforest has quite some significant features that include an online logo maker, but this platform also has the option to create an animated video for youtube. With its free intro maker, it becomes stress-free to make a YouTube intro video.

Its cloud-based environment gets you to access to a big library of icons and images to create your animated videos for YouTube.

Core Features

  • Music and audio tracks
  • Download and publish to YouTube
  • Free logo PNG files
  • Unlimited 360p videos
  • Royalty-free stock footage


Creating an animated video for YouTube could be a great move in your content marketing. It will gather attention alongside making some high conversions, however, creating the animated video for YouTube, you might need some help, and the tools that have been mentioned here can become a great help for you in the same. Even if you still feel the need to get some professional supervision and assistance Animation Dok is always here for you.


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