Christopher Thomas

60-Second Explainer Videos or 90-Second Explainer Videos

30 Jul: 60-Second Explainer Videos or 90-Second Explainer Videos? How to Decide the Length of Your Explainer Video

Long vs. Short has been into the debate for a long time, and since videos have come out in the world of marketing this debate. From videos being targeting multiple things at once and taking several minutes to justify it, people were losing the real intent of this video, and that was when people started to think about 30-second explainer…

Video Animation Softwares

29 Jun: Video Animation Softwares – The Easy Way To Animate For Beginners

The world is evolving around multiple concepts aided with the touch of technology to bring effectiveness to their operations. From communications to business operations, everything has just turned around since technology has been induced in the world. But what we have brought you here is about the visual graphics world. The field of visual graphics is all about the graphical…