Video Animation Softwares – The Easy Way To Animate For Beginners

The world is evolving around multiple concepts aided with the touch of technology to bring effectiveness to their operations. From communications to business operations, everything has just turned around since technology has been induced in the world. But what we have brought you here is about the visual graphics world. The field of visual graphics is all about the graphical representation of thoughts and ideas. Since the animation has taken over it and, it has turned the tables upside down for this field.

What is animation?

Animation came out in the late 18th century; it was as a moving picture that was created by drawing images frame by frame. The major attraction that it had was that it presented pictures as if they were moving in a structured motion, and that was what the film making industry picked it up for.

After a while, people realized that it could become an amazing way of visual representation. Other fields like architecture, health care, marketing, and advertising and such others made contemplation on it, and this was what made the animation to become one of the most used ways of visual representation. But what we faced as a challenge was going to a video animation company and getting it done. It was a challenge because of being dependent on the professionals to make the perfect animations and, moreover, because of the amount that was to be paid against this service, and that is where technology came to the rescue.

Types of animation

In the world that is now considering the use of the different techniques to make the images and videos for better experiences, one of the concepts that have taken the place of many things in this field is animation. The animation is said to be a form of manipulating the pictures in such a way that it gets the moving series to be made out of pictures making the videos more interesting. Here in this article, we will discuss a few types of animation.

  1. Traditional animation

This is the oldest form of animation. Here the animator is made to draw the different frames in order to make the animation sequence to be created. Sequential drawings are said to be the base of this animation technique or kind. Have you ever seen a flip-book? That is the perfect example of what sequential framing or sequential picturizing means. This could be done through different software.

  1. 2D Animation

Another type of animation is 2D animation. This animation is based on layers and is made to include some effects in the video or picture that is being made. However, it does not have such depth that it could be used for artistic purposes, and thus it is usually used for simple purposes. This could be done through 2D animation software.

  1. 3D Animation

This is one of the most modern types of animation. If you have ever used a 3D anime maker, you will know how it could be used to make both simple characters as well as characters that have depth. This, in recent times, is used for different movies, shows, and things. It has made people have depth in picturizing and video making. Also, 3D anime makers have made it easy for people to get to this kind of animation.

  1. Stop Motion

Stop motion is although simple, but it still takes a lot of time in order to make the objects to be physically manipulated. Also, objects are filmed frame by frame, and thus it makes more cut out to be added in an animation. This makes the appropriate special effects in the video.

How to make an animation?

Animation, although it brings a lot of benefits to the table for different ideas but creating an animated video, is not as easy you think, and it might take some expertise and skills to get it done. However, here we have simplified the process of animation to make it easier for you.

Step 1: Write a Script

Scripting of the ideas comes first in animation, whether you are doing it with good animating software or the manual means script is something that you will need all around. Scripting is all about mapping the idea that you have and making the flow of the same smooth.

Step 2: Visuals and Pictures

Before you start animating it, you will need to have the still pictures of your ideas, and you need to design it frame by frame to make the animation better. Designing pictures could be easy if you have the perfect idea of your script.

Step 3: Animation

Well, here comes the part where you need expertise and the right skill set. Animation is made through simple animation software or flash animation software, which resembles the tools with manual animation means.

Step 4: Voice Over

Without a voice, an animated video might seem to be incomplete, and the effects might not be effective. You should record the voices according to the kind of video, such as if you are making a cartoon animated video, you need to work on the voice-over accordingly.

Step 5: Rendering

Once you are done with everything in your animation video, it is time to render the video to compile it all. Choose the pixels, quality, and such other factors according to your wants, and you have your video ready in just minutes.

What is the best free video animation software for beginners?

We have seen alot of animation software that are easy to use and have the ability to generate animation for you just by going through a few easy steps. Here is a list that can help you out if you are looking for any such app.

  1. Animation Creator HD Free

This app can make you bring your creativity to life by using the powerful drawing tools that this application has. The main features of this app apart from being free was that it has drawing tools, easy navigation, import of videos from camera and audio manager that can let you create the best animations by your own effort. This is one of the best open-source animation software you can get to.

  1. Stop Motion Recorder

Stop motion is one of the oldest and most used kinds of animation, and this app has targeted the same kind with greater effect. It lets you record through your camera, and then a few easy steps can make you convert the same into stop motion. Not just creation, but this app also has features that let you share your animated videos with the world. This is the reason to consider it as one of the best software for animation.

  1. LookSee Animation

Time-lapse animation and slow-motion are what have made this app to be enlisted in the top five animation apps list. It uses AI support to make your pictures or recordings in different kinds of animations. Also, you can alter what has been recommended by AI in this application.

  1. StickDraw-Animation Maker

Well, drawing a cartoon in a pad is one of the most implicated forms of drawing for entertainment, and this idea has been brought to technological and digital mediums through this application. From creating to recording, anything could be done in the context of pictures with this app, and then it can be animated as you want. Although the app is free, it has a number of ads going around, and to remove the same, you need to pay a required amount.

What is the best 2d animation software for beginners?

  1. OpenToonz

It is a free 2D animation software that has a range of cool in-house effects that can be seamlessly used while making your animations. Opentoonz allows for extensive editing of the code, too. So, once you get good enough at animation, you can bend the toons to your whim! However, that could be difficult for some users.

  1. Synfig

First up, we have Synfig, a program first released for free in 2005. This software is great because beginners can just hit the ground running. This is one of the best 2D animation software for beginners.

It allows for both front end and back end design, meaning that you can design the actual content at the appearance level, not being constrained to just code behind the scenes.

  1. TubiTube

TupiTube is a software project focusing on the younger children’s market of animation. This is a much more casual program for animation. But sometimes, the more casual, the better I say. Its versatility is great as well, as it can be seamlessly used between different platforms.

Its casualness may rub some more serious-minded animators the wrong way, and that’s why I’m lowering its score a bit. But if you have no idea what you’re doing at all, this software can’t steer you wrong.

  1. Pencil 2D Animation Software

This free program uses a great little design where it gets rid of all the complicated mumbo jumbo that might intimidate animation amateurs. Its simple design is simple yet serves a great purpose.

It’s a no-frills kind of experience, but one where even the most newbie animator can draw and create videos. Pencil2D also has great cross-platform capability.

What is the best 3D animation software for beginners?

Well, you would have heard a lot about 3D animation, but do you really know what 3D animation is? 3D, which stands for three dimensional, is a kind of animation where animators or artists make the computer graphics to be used for presenting the images as moving objects. Here in this section, we have mentioned some of the software that could be used for the 3D animation.

  1. Blender

This is one of the free best 3D animation software. This is renowned for having a number of applications such as animated feature films, visual effects, and such others. This software has the features of modeling, animation, composition, tracking motion, and such other things. This is highly rated and one of the most used and easy 3D animation software.

  1. Wings 3D

The best thing about wings 3D as animation software is that it is easy to use. Also, it has a possibility of customization in it, which makes this a highly recommended animation software. It supports the lights and materials in the animation and has an AutoUV mapping facility as well.

  1. K3-D

K3-D is another excellent software for 3D animation. It makes people able to have a procedural engine plugin for its content. It is intuitive and consistent, as well as have the basic tools for NURVS, curves, animation, and patches. This is supportable on OS, Linux, and windows, which makes this software to become a highly used 3D animation software.

  1. Source Filmmaker

One of the uses of 3D animation is in filmmaking, and this video animation software is design for a specific purpose. It has a feature of making the movies and adding the features as you need in it. It is free of cost and has the power of making the rendering as powerful as a modern gaming PC.

You can access many different 3D animation maker online. Each of these 3D animation software has different purposes as well as different features that you can use according to your requirements.

Final Words

Well, overall, this blog has stated majorly about 2D versus 3D animation by stating the best software and tools available. However, one of the best ideas to get to a 3D animation company for professional assistance. They can be experts at this, and their ideas can work for you in terms of creativity and conversions.


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