Video Marketing – The World of Advertisement after Motion Graphics

People Before we talk about video marketing, let’s talk about the base of marketing in contemporary times. Content is what we hear all around the world in the contemporary world. In the year 1996, Bill Gates stated that “Content is something where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. This statement gave people an idea about the importance of the content in the coming times, but people were not exactly aware of where it will be used and how important will it be.

Let’s now talk about 2019. The year in the 21st Century has seen some major developments in the world from the field of technology to communication and marketing. Amongst these developments, one of the major changes or advancements is that Content now has become the basic element of many fields.

Content is now being used in all of the operations in business and most importantly, in the field of marketing. Here in this blog, we would take contemplations on how content has become the basic element in this field.

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Importance of Content in Marketing and Contexts It Can Be Used In

Content is used in marketing in order to achieve a number of purposes and contexts, and here we have highlighted some of them for you.

  • To Communicate: One of the important aspects or contexts of using content is to communicate with clients. Communication is the key to built relation between the target market and the company. This is one of the basic purposes of marketing.
  • To Create Awareness: Another important aspect or context in which content is being used in marketing is to create awareness. A number of campaigns are only run to make the awareness to be created, and content marketing is one of the best kind of marketing recently used to create awareness. Social media managers can run your social media pages for the same. However, the basic thing that you need for each of these things is to create content. Content that is compelling and informative could be used to create awareness.
  • To Increase Attraction: To create and increase attraction is what we tend to do with marketing. Marketing is mostly done in order to attract new customers with some creative and innovative ideas. With the increase of technological mediums in the world, the content has become important. With creative, interactive and innovative content can catch the attention and attraction of the customers. Not only this but if you create an app like Instagram or maybe like Facebook, you will still need content to make things interactive. It is just that what kind of content you select will make an impact on how successful your campaigns become.

These are the three main purposes that could be attached to content in the world of marketing today. Without content currently, nothing is possible in the world of marketing. Content is created with ideas that will get people towards you, and without content, probably you won’t be able to get anything done in the digital world today.

Kinds of Content

One of the biggest misconceptions in content in the current times is that content marketing is dependent on only one kind of content which is written, but that is not the case, and we have listed three kinds of content that are used in marketing purposes.

Video or Visual Content

This is the kind of content where marketers create content that could be seen and could be understood by seeing them. This the kind of content in the marketing that gets the most conversion for the business. The videos or animated videos have become an important kind of content marketing after the induction of platforms like YouTube and Instagram to the content marketing platforms.

Written Content

The kind of content that is used the most in marketing is written content. This includes articles, blogs and other posts that include something written. This is the kind of content that is attached the most with content marketing. The best tool for this kind of content are words, and they are used for marketing, promoting and bringing the brand closer to the target market.

Audio Content

Technology has become so advanced that even with your voice, you can make anything to happen. Alexa, Siri, and such other devices can make you work through this, and this is what the next kind of content is. People now usually search for things through the same and expect the same to be given to them in writing. This became the base for the induction of audio content in the world of content marketing.

These kinds of content could be used in the field of marketing subjective to the objectives of the organization.

Well, most importantly, to be seen all around us is content. Since the induction of digital and technological mediums, everything is being communicated and transferred to people through content. From ideas to messages, nothing in the world today is transferred through content. The type of content might be different, but it could be said that nothing would be possible in today’s times without content. This is the reason that we regard Content as the King in the world contemporarily.

But have you ever imagined what kind of content exactly the king is amongst it? Well, the picture below justifies it all. It is the visual or video content that brings the maximum benefits to the.

video branding

What is Video Marketing?

Imagine if a photo is worth a thousand words, then what a video can bring to the table? Maybe a hundred messages? Maybe a hundred ideas? Or maybe anything and everything you want. This was the actual idea behind bringing the video to the field of marketing. Basically, video marketing is about creating a flow of visual content that brings in attraction. It has graphical representation that brings amazingness for content creation and delivery.

It can bring in attraction, build customer rapport as well as could be used to bring in the promotion of services, product or brand. A video marketing campaign could be about anything from how to use the product to its promotion or even customer testimonials. It can also be anything between awareness creation to making the entertainment or viral content to be created.

think about it

Importance of Video Marketing in Business Advertising

To be very honest, it takes nothing to write words. It could be effortless at times and publishing it could also be easy or creating audio content can take a bit of effort, but when it comes to video marketing, it takes a lot of effort. However, the more effort you put in the right direction, the better the results could be driven. There is no doubt in the fact that video marketing can get you results that are amazing. Even your brand identity can become sparkling with logo animation, which is not exactly a video but a short glimpse of your brand persona in a moving image. This could also be included as a benefit of video marketing.

On a lighter note, video marketing can be simple at times and can become complex as you want it to be. However, simple or complex it will bring the best ideas to promote your brand, get the sales to be boosted or even to raise awareness about your product. With a video marketing effort, small businesses can get the attraction of customers in a blink. It can help in beating the competitors in the market

Is it only creating a video the standout for a business? Well, not exactly. Not just creating a video makes you have the benefits, but how you create a video or graphical representation and what direction or content you pick is the base to achieving success. Your video marketing strategy counts more than anything. Here are the things that you should keep in considerations while you create or develop your video marketing strategy.

Importance of Video Marketing

How to Build Your Video Marketing Strategy

Your video marketing strategy is not just about what content you are bringing and where you are posting it. But it is much more than that and here is a glimpse of how you can create a perfect video marketing strategy.

Create a Story Not a Video

The video should just be the medium, but the base should be your story. Get a story drafted before you create a video. The story should be something new, something amazing, something that can catch attention and something that represents your brand or product. Nothing can beat the story, and this is where the content can play as the king.

Get a Plan Drafted

Your video marketing campaign could be about a single video or even a series of videos. Get this clear in your plans. How will you deliver your messages? Will a promo be launched before you get your best video out? Will you create more videos aligned with the current one? Answer these questions before you get your video out. This is what your video marketing plan should all be about.

Allocate Resources

Video marketing is not like just writing words that you can do anywhere. You will need a few resources or maybe some budget if you get to some video marketing or video animation company. These resources should be allocated according to your budget and your aims that you have attached to the video that you are trying to create.


Creating engaging content is not just the idea that you should have in the content marketing plan. Engaging videos could only be created when you have the content right; the power surely lies in content, but content surely is in your hands. Thus, create something that engages the customers and target audience.

Keep it Short

The shorter it is, the better the response it creates. As quoted above a one-minute video can be as powerful as 1.8 billion words. Thus, try to keep things as short as you can and create something worthy rather than lengthy.

1 Minute Video Value


You cannot keep the tracking and analysis out of the plan or strategy if you want to get amazing results. What you need to do is keep track of everything you have done, or your competitors have done. Record the responses, analyze the same and get them on the draft to create something better next time.

Creating a Video Marketing Plan?

Well, the above section might have got you for its amazing points to consider while you create a video marketing strategy, but that does that end there? Absolutely not! There are a number of other things that you will have to see while you create a video marketing plan. Let’s start it with the factors that are important in creating your video marketing strategy.

Factors of Creating Video Marketing Strategy

A number of factors become important when you are creating a video marketing strategy. These factors concern your internal and external circumstances and make your strategy accordingly to maximize the impact.

Define Goals and Objectives Using the Video Marketing Funnel

The first thing you need to do while you formulate your video marketing is to define the goals and objectives. Get your things right. Work on what to do and how to do it. Well, for this you can use the marketing funnel.

A video marketing or even a marketing plan would require you to set a goal from this funnel. You need to decide whether you are doing it for decision, awareness or considerations? What are the basic ideas behind your video marketing campaign? All of these decisions that you will take will eventually impact the video that you make.

video marketing awareness

Create a Strategy Based on Your Objectives and Goals

Well, the strategy is the backbone of any plan that you have got. If the strategy is right, the plan might work or else it might backfire like you would have never even imagined. Your strategy initially should revolve around your objectives, but it should have creative ideas, not just limited plans. When it comes to video marketing, an idea that you can get into strategy is to launch a couple of teasers and trailers before you bring out the actual video.

Make them curious to make them wait for what you are bringing and then launch the final video to get the maximum response. This is just an idea that you can use, and a lot of such ideas are what your video marketing strategy should be based around. Moreover, your strategy is also to decide which kind of video you are going to go to. Whether it is a real-time video or a 3d animation video, it can take your viewership to be increased but what kind you are choosing might be reflected through the factors you have got according to the research of your target audience and brand characteristics.

Set a Budget and Gather Resources

Setting a budget is an important part of your strategy. An animated video can be costly, and a real-life video could be even more costly based on your ideas and your storyline. However, the best idea to make the constraints in your video marketing strategy is to set a budget first and allocate resources according to the same.

Figure Out Where You Will Post the Video

What you create is important, how you create is also important but where you get it live is even more important. And this is what should also be a part of your video marketing strategy. Your platform should be the one that suits you best, the one where your maximum target market could access and the one that brings you the value against your efforts. In the next section, you can find a detailed guide about video marketing platforms that you can consider.

Video Marketing Platforms

As mentioned above, choosing the right platforms is an important part of getting great results for video marketing. The “right platform” isn’t necessarily the one that has maximum reach but instead, it is the one that gives you multiple benefits and most importantly is the one where your target audience can reach easily. It could be a content marketing platform, a video publishing platform or even a social networking site. Now you might be thinking about these platforms. To make it easy for you; we here have listed some of them.


The biggest and undisputedly the best video publishing platform. This platform makes you post videos and reach millions of people in an instant go. Moreover, you cannot count Google out when it comes to any kind of digital marketing. We all know Google operates Youtube and making an impact on this platform will give your rankings a boost for sure.


This is a social media platform basically, but this could be in the list of your video marketing platforms for two reasons. The first is that it is one of the most visited sites in the world, and it can make you reach your target audience easily regardless of what industry or domain you are working in. The second reason is that you can post a video easily on this platform.


Well, who in this time would not know this channel of posting photos and videos? Instagram allows individuals posting videos and photos. However, in contemporary times, Instagram can be used to post your videos for marketing and the reach that it has got can make your video marketing objectives to be achieved.

Well, these three video marketing platforms can make you get anything and everything you want from a video that you have created, from marketing to the promotion and even awareness creation. You can do everything you want.

Dos and Don’ts of Video Marketing


  • Have a clear cut strategy for video marketing.
  • Do include call to actions
  • Make video clear and purposeful
  • Do post your content on multiple platforms
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Do make your videos mobile friendly


  • Don’t just promote but gather attention
  • Never count analytics out
  • Don’t make the video look inconsistent and irrelevant
  • Avoid making the video monotonous
  • Don’t just focus on creating a video but on making it memorable

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Pros Cons
Video is engaging.  Ever try to have a conversation with someone when the television is playing in the background? You can’t help but sneak a peek over their shoulder from time to time. Video is a magnet for eyeballs. Video is often more expensive than a print or email execution. It requires the proper equipment to get the best quality of videos. Also, hiring professionals can cost you a high amount.
The video is simple. Which would you rather do – read a 30-page instruction manual or watch a 3-minute video? Complex processes are easier to demonstrate than they are to explain. It’s time-consuming. A professional-looking video will require pre-production (scripting, casting, location scouting, props), production (lighting, sound, teleprompter, shooting) and post-production (editing, graphic effects, soundtrack).
Video is emotional. The right combination of words, pictures, and music can evoke laughter, compassion, fear or anger, and those emotions can drive behavior. There can be technical issues with online video – it requires bandwidth to view it, and it may not play properly on older devices
The video is memorable. When a video is amazing, it can be in the minds of viewers for a long time. But here’s the big caveat to that: if you’re not careful, people will remember the video but forget the product or service is promoted. How often have you seen a great commercial, and perhaps even told someone else about it, but be unable to remember who the advertiser was? Sometimes people want to cut to the chase and just quickly scan an article or checklist instead of watching a video. If you do use video, make sure you give viewers an alternative way to get your message.
Video is popular. More than a billion unique visitors go to YouTube each month, and the site reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. There is a lot of competition when it comes to videos and this can be a con for the video marketers. You will have to challenge yourself with the millions of video marketers to be in the limelight.

How can video marketing help your business advertising?

Videos can bring whatever you want for your business. As many things as you want could be brought on the table only if you create a video with the right set of things. We have discussed almost every factor that is important in making your video marketing successful. Thus, now let’s have a look at what happens in your business when you do everything right in your video marketing campaigns.

Engages and Appeals Customers

54 percent of people like to watch a video rather than just hearing audio or even reading words. And 69 percent of the people prefer to get the idea of a product or service through a video. Thus, videos are the best medium to play with. It creates interest, appeal, engagement and doing what target audience like will make the target audience do what you like. This engagement could be directly or indirectly impactful to your business sales and customer base creation.

Engages and Appeals Customers

Builds Trust

Building the trust of customers and the target audience is the first stair to bringing them in your radar. Building trust is the first step to inviting your target market towards your brand. One fine way of building the trust could be to bring your customers to witness everything you are and everything you are bringing for them.

Well, that is a lot of content. All your features, all your characteristics, all the hidden fact and everything about your company could become thousands of words and no one probably will like to read that. But when you convert it to a minute or two-minute video, everyone probably will like what they are seeing, and it will become the bridge between you and your target audience for that trust.

The SEO Gold Mine

You in this time cannot leave SEO behind even if you want to. In order to achieve success in SEO, you have to consider getting the videos on the ground. Videos are the gold mine of SEO. The reason behind it could be keywords game, key phrases integration, link building, backlinks or even conversions. Even Google loves video, and you cannot keep the fact out that YouTube which is the biggest video marketing platform is owned by Google and getting videos on the same surely impacts a lot on the Google rankings of a site.

Helps in Information Retention

Making people retain the information you are providing is an important part of marketing. It might sound small, but it is integral. The retained information becomes a medium of your target audience coming back to you again and again. Well, actually a video can come in handy here. 65% of people are assumed to have the information in their minds even after three days if they see something in visuals. This leads the way in making your clients have the information that you want them to have. So now you know what to use if you want to be in the minds of your target audience for a long time.

Videos Drive Traffic

All of these benefits get you to one thing, and that is traffic. Videos drive 74% of the traffic in contemporary times. Bringing the attraction and amazing call to actions can get the viewers to be converted into traffic on your website. Even the emails that are subjected to the word video in it get a 19% increase in open rates. This is how a video increases the traffic for your site.

Increases Buying Decision

Buying decision can matter on how you bring out the information about your products or services. A Product video is the best tool to influence your target market. Presenting the product beautifully as well as with something that you think can come in handy or could be liked by your target audience can increase the chances of impacting their buying decision. No matter what we talk about one thing that you should never forget is that your content is what brings the power to your videos. No doubt videos are more powerful than any other kind of content; however, still, your well-researched content will take it where you want it to be.

Video Marketing Can Give Your Great ROI

The fact has already been mentioned that making videos is a task that is neither easy, nor it is cheap but surely what comes easy won’t last long, and this exactly is the case for video marketing. Great ROI is an additional benefit alongside all of the above-mentioned benefits. Although each of the above-mentioned benefits comes together to increase the ROI still you can count ROI as a major benefit of video marketing.

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

The most used device in the world currently is a mobile phone. Possibly there is everyone in the world with mobile now. One fact to mention here is that reading big long paragraphs on a mobile screen becomes frustrating, and thus video and mobile go hand in hand. 90 percent of people watch videos on their mobile. The interest of viewers increases when a video is fit for a mobile screen. This is another idea that a business can easily reach their target audience and the number of users that view your content and ads could be increased when you use videos as the mediums.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything Easily

Through an explainer video, you can deliver a million messages in one go. Well, in an explainer or a whiteboard animation video, you can use words, visuals, and audio to make the understanding of your target audience to be increased. This is how a video can become your tool to express and explain anything and everything you want. These kinds of videos are relatively simpler and deliver messages clearly to the target audience.

Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

A video is super easy to consume. Since life has become busier and people have lesser time to go through the content, thus, giving them a video can make the maximum chances of people viewing your content. Thus, using video as a medium of expression could be beneficial.  You can even target the laziest buyers with this strategy. But make sure to deliver something amazing and something standout.

The ideas and benefits mentioned here in the section can bring out something very productive for you if you know how to drive your video marketing. Well, for that you need to have a marketing plan and keep the medium as videos. It will take you wherever you want if you keep everything related to your business and the current trends in mind.

video marketing benifits infograph

The Changes in Advertisements after Video Marketing

Advertisements have never been the same for years. Changes appear in trends of communication and advertisement time after time and not in many years, we have seen that the world has witnessed the same trends in advertising.

After the technology has taken over the world and digital mediums have become the base of communication and delivering the messages since then the world of marketing has turned upside down. From traditional mediums to digital mediums, everything has been changed in the course of marketing.

After the induction of digital mediums, we have seen that each of the marketing strategy and plan one thing is integral, and that is video marketing. Including videos has become a part of marketing plans that is non-negligible. It could be either social media video animation, product video, teaser or even an explainer video. These videos have become the base of advertising. We see these on TV, digital mediums, social media platforms and even more.

If I could sum up the changes of advertisement after video marketing in one line, it would be that when you think of advertising now, it make you think of a video that promotes the brand or service or even an organization.

Kinds of Videos Used For Advertisements

In the above section, you would have seen that we discussed a few things and mentioned that there are numerous types of video that could, in marketing. Let’s take a quick look at different types of videos that you can use in your video marketing.

Social Media Video:

Social media video is something that you can post on any or every social media networking site. The difference is not major, but even minor changes and alterations make you able to maximize the impact of the videos. This kind of video is for attraction and attention.

Promos and Teaser:

This is another kind of video that can get you amazing results. It creates curiosity and makes the mind of people about you or your product coming in the market. It gives you launch a boost.

Corporate Video:

A corporate video is something that is used for communicating with internal and external stakeholders of a business. One way that corporate video can be distinguished from traditional video advertising is the target audience. The intention of corporate videos is usually to cater a specific audience instead of the general public. Communication, presenting analytics, sharing data or even explaining a product could be done through a corporate video.

Corporate videos can be used in promotion, training and even in introducing the new product lines. A corporate video can make you achieve multiple corporate objectives in one go.

Product Videos

A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product. While many product videos focus on the features of the product, we concentrate on how the product relieves the pain points these clients may encounter.

A demo video increases conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story that demonstrates how your product functions in the real world, and what kind of impact it has. By using narrative and metaphor, a product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

Video Ads

Video ads are something that crusts all of the other kinds of video. The definition of a video ad could be dependent on how you want to get a video out for your brand and what objectives you have attached to it. A video ad basically could be a video that promotes a product, brand or service or creates attention about the same.

Challenges of Video Marketing

Can you same something that is possible without any challenges in it? Not at all, there is nothing that you can do without facing a certain number of challenges and so is the case with video marketing.  We have listed a few challenges that you will face in video marketing.

Creating Good Content

Video marketing is not just about bringing the best and amazing graphics to the world and making all the visual efforts in it, but more importantly, it is about what content you bring out through your amazing and aesthetic visual skills. The first section of this post discussed how content is the king of any kind of marketing, and this is what you have a bear at first. You have to be creative and innovative in creating your storyline and content. Overcoming the content mediocrity is the first step to the success of video marketing.

Higher Costs

Costs of video content are higher than any other kind of content because it requires not one but multiple resources. It takes a lot of effort to create a video, and the more the effort, the higher the costs would be. This can become a challenge for small businesses and companies that have a lower budget, but nevertheless, your ideas being creative can compensate against the money for sure.

Making it Viral

Millions and trillions of videos are uploaded daily to thousands of platforms. If you don’t have the right strategy and idea, you may have a hard time making an impact through your video. But if you have got the right ideas making a video viral could be a cup of tea for you.


What you bring out in the market is although important, but how you bring it out is equally important, and it can become a challenge at times. Overcoming this challenge, however, is not rocket science and is as simple as you make it. This can take just a little effort but an effort that is creative and something different.


The longer a video will be the more messages you can deliver. However, the shorter it will be, the more powerful it will become. Also, it will glue all your viewers if it is short. This becomes a dilemma for most of the video marketers, and deciding duration becomes a headache. The decision is in your hands, and no one can tell you which side of the video duration can bring you the most benefits but only you according to the factors you have can decide this. However, one thing you should keep in mind that whether it is a 60-second animated video or even a three-minute video, getting the attention of viewers is important in any of them. You lose attention and you lose the game.

Expectations for the Next Decade?

In the 2000s we saw a very little margin for video marketing. However, it strengthened its roots in the next ten years. It expanded to where it could and now it is an integral part of the marketing plan and strategy. But what awaits for video marketing in the 2020s? Here we have listed a few trends of video marketing that will roll in the 2020s.

Trends in Video Marketing

The following trends are important in the field of marketing and the same goes for the field of video marketing. Want to know what trends are currently in the market for this domain? Take a look here.

Live Streaming

We have always considered that live streams are only for matches and stuff that are going on around us. But guess what this is now also used for marketing purposes and it is expected to grow more than you think. Live streaming of product launch, reviews and company productions and operations can become a great idea for your video marketing. This can include Facebook live, interviews, webinars, and explainer videos that could be shown to the world through live streaming.

Video Vlogging

The world has gone far in influencer marketing as well, and now vloggers could be your source of promotion in contemporary times.  You can get these vloggers on board to promote and market your products and even company. Through this, you can buy their fan following and promote your products amongst them through the same. Vlogging is a matter of creating amazing stories of those influencers and integrating your product in the same.


IGTV or Instagram TV is another source of video marketing in contemporary times. It is a trend because of the growing popularity of Instagram. You put up videos there which can bring the attention of people towards you. Also, it can make you have viewers that are on your target.

360 Degree Videos

360-degree videos are videos like no other. They let users consume content in an immersive, interactive, and real way.  These types of videos are especially interesting for travel and event brands. National Geographic is an example of a brand that is successfully using this video format.

Increased Video Mobile Advertising (Videos Ads)

Videos ads not only are easy to make but can generate more attention than photos. They come in handy to gather many thoughts in one place and increase the attention and attraction of the target market. This is the reason that we see more companies incorporating videos into their marketing plan.

Increased Augmented Reality Campaigns

Augmented reality has been in here for a few years now. It has made marketers more accessible to use video in their social media campaigns. The campaigns that have augmented reality gather more interaction and engagement. Additionally, augmented reality videos are useful in the retails space as people can view the product virtually through these videos. For example, using augmented reality, viewers can see how a product will look on their face or body.

This sums up much about video marketing and how it will unfold in the upcoming days. You can count out a few trends from these in the next decade. However,  you cannot count out video marketing from the world of business for a century more.

video marketing powerful marketing tool


Video marketing is a branch of the elongated tree of marketing but it is that one branch that gives the sweetest fruits to you. The results you can achieve through video marketing are amazing and commendable but these results are only achievable if you do everything right. Now you must be thinking what is right? So here is a brief description of “right” for video marketing.

Bring out ideas that are creative and innovative, create a storyline around those ideas. Once you have these ideas prepare a video marketing strategy with choosing the right kind of video to be selected to express these ideas, pick the right platform to maximize the impact of video marketing. If you can get this done, you can bring the rankings of your brand to flourish. Also, it can increase the attention and attraction of your target market towards your brand. However, keep in mind that will you face challenges like higher costs, immense competition, and even platform constraints but once you have got through this anything and everything is possible to be achieved in your business goals through video marketing.


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